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Watch this man set a new world record in the Beer Mile

The term "Going on a beer run" has a whole new meaning.

Most of us would probably say we can run a mile. Almost everyone believes they could drink five beers. The real trick comes in the ability to do both at the same time.

James Nielsen is a red-blooded American who had a red-blooded American dream: Break the world record for the "Beer Mile." This involves running for a mile, stopping each quarter-mile to down another brew and keep on running. His choice was Budweiser and needed to finish each beverage in under five seconds to stay on target. No shotgunning or beer bongs allowed.

Nielsen broke the record and described the experience as "really painful." That's a whole lot of carbon dioxide to take in while exercising. The only thing left if for you to grab a six pack and attempt to break 4:57.