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Yankees fans boo Robinson Cano, chant 'You sold out!'

It's a free ride, when you've already paid.

Robinson Cano is the first major free agent the Yankees have let go since Andy Pettitte. He's almost certainly the biggest free agent the Yankees have ever lost. He's with his new team, the Mariners, in New York on Tuesday night. Let's listen to the reaction!

You can't quite hear it in the video, but the fans are chanting "You sold out!"

I hope this isn't too forward, but I've composed an open letter to the booing Yankees fans on behalf of the rest of baseball.

Dear Booing Yankees fans,


Seriously. C'mon. I can't even ... you can't be ...

C'mon. Come onnnnnnn. There's no way you ... I mean, just stop. You can't possibly ...

It's like ... no, no, there's no way. You know? Please don't. Just ... c'mon, really?

Seriously, get outta here. You can't be serious. C'mon.

The rest of baseball

It's like Cardinals fans booing Jay Bruce for wearing a red hat. C'mon.