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Matt Adams shoves fan who catches foul ball, fan gives him the finger

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A true Sporting Event Hero saved his team's player from an untimely foul-out, then got to flip off a player on the opposing team.

There can be no greater achievement for a fan at a baseball game than to legally snatch a foul ball from a rival team's player: no leaning over the fence like a jerk, no roughhousing of the opposing player like a jerk, just a clean catch keeping your team from making an out. It's perhaps the only way a fan at a sporting event in any sport can positively help their team, unless you really think your free throw antics are distracting professional hoopsters.

A Reds fan snatched one out of the grasp of the Cardinals' Matt Adams, but what's really great is what happens afterwards:

Got the ball, irritated Adams enough to get a shove (but not shoved so hard it would, like, hurt or anything) and got to flip him off for good measure. Now that, sirs and madam, is a great afternoon at the ballpark.

In other news, hey, MLB players can shove fans apparently!