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Minor Leaguer accidentally sets off geyser at stadium

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Watch out for that spigot!

Places not to build your baseball stadium: 1) above an old burial ground 2) downwind of an active volcano 3) ON TOP A DAMN GEYSER. The Fort Wayne TinCaps did not think about this before building Parkview Field:

Of course, their field is not actually built above a geyser: first baseman Fernando Perez merely hit a spigot while attempting to field a foul ball, setting off a burst of water at the field of the Padres' Single-A affiliate. But it was enough to stop play for a bit as they figured out what to do with the huge spout of water near their bullpen.

The TinCaps would eventually beat the Great Lakes Loons, 15-4, and Perez would make up for his destructive fielding by jacking a three-run homer. The delay was horrible, however, especially for people hoping to watch baseball instead of listening to a crew of what sounds like 20 girls singing WHAT DOES THE FOX SAY.