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The team-specific Final Four announcers on TBS/truTV made some people angry

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There are homer announcers on two stations that are supposed to be homers. People on the internet are BAFFLED by this phenomenon.

Jamie Squire

Turner Sports/CBS had a rather awesome idea for the Final Four: one channel has Jim Nantz, Steve Kerr, and Greg Anthony calling the game -- you know, as always -- and one channel is equipped for fans of the individual teams. For example, for Wisconsin/Kentucky, there are Wisconsin-specific announcers like Wayne Larrivee on truTV and Kentucky-specific announcers like Rex Chapman on TBS.

People on the internet did NOT understand this phenomenon:


Charles Barkley had his say, calling these idiotic people... well, he called them idiots.:

Even Detlef Schrempf couldn't figure it out!

The vast majority of these, as you'll notice, are people on TNT that should be on truTV, rather than the other way around, because, well, nobody knows where/what truTV is.

But of course, the capper: PEOPLE WHO WANTED THE BIG BANG THEORY