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No, Drake didn't quickly put on a UConn shirt (although we admit it woulda been funny)

THE DRAKE BANDWAGON FANDOM METER does not appear to cover UConn. He appears to be a true loyal Kentucky fan.

Ronald Martinez

Many a joke was made about Drake's bandwagon fanship after he wound up in the Kentucky locker room post-Final Four victory. It's understandable: people like calling people bandwagonners, and Drake does have a habit for bandwagonning. We did a whole post about it!

So the joke was obviously made that if Kentucky didn't win the NCAA Tournament, he'd quickly become a UConn fan. Shortly after the final whistle, this pic began tearing up the internets:

As you can see, Drake is chilling with Rip Hamilton, and even wearing a shirt that is mayyyyybe a UConn U? Although it doesn't really look like a UConn U from any UConn lettering?

However, this pic wasn't taken after the game -- if it had been, he woulda been covered in confetti -- it was taken by Rip and posted to Instagram before the game:

Drake's shirt is actually a James Young logo, as James Pennington explains.

James Young is a freshman who plays for Kentucky, and he has his own personal logo, which is hilarious because he’s a college freshman who has his own logo. He debuted it when he committed to Kentucky, and he’s worn it occasionally throughout the year. I have no idea why he has his own logo, but he has expressed interest in having his own clothing line in the future, so maybe that’s why. You can tell the U-shape actually spells out "JY1." He wears No. 1.

In fact, Drake didn't seem to bandwagon -- he looked rather forlorn about Kentucky's loss (presuming this other popular photo is from tonight, which, judging from the hair, it isn't)

Although it does appear the Huskies would've accepted his newfound fandom;