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Alabama grocery store selling 'Jameis Winston crab legs'

Alabama has now claimed $19.79 as its 47th national championship season.

Wednesday ranked as a top-five all-time day* on the college football internet, thanks to the news of Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston's citation for liberating some shellfishThe Photoshops: to be commended.

The best news, though, is that the sprawl has now entered the real world, four whole months ahead of kickoff:

NOTE: These are actually knockoff Jameis Winston crab legs. The real ones are surely either molding and gooing in a Tallahassee evidence locker or being bronzed for a statue next to Publix's seafood stand. Luckily, Alabama has a knockoff Jameis Winston at quarterback anyway.

* Please list your picks for the five greatest-ever college football internet days in the comments below.