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One Texas A&M regent wants to name Kyle Field after Johnny Manziel

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... you know Johnny didn't build that house, right?

Scott Halleran

Listen, Mr. Schwertner ...

... Kyle Field has been around a long time. About a century. It's called Kyle Field because it was originally made by a guy called Kyle. But, you know what? I get that "The House That [Person Who Excelled In Building] Built" is kind of a thing in sports, and whether or not Johnny Manziel deserves to have his name on the biggest stadium in the SEC above all other previous A&M alums, I say we go through with this. I like the idea of adding subtitles to stadium names, and I think we should retroactively extend this idea to all things with subtitles, like:

The Lord of the Rings: The House that Johnny Built

Breakin' 2: The House that Johnny Built

Call of Duty: The House that Johnny Built

Dr. Strangelove or: The House that Johnny Built

Beverly Hills Chihuahua 3: The House that Johnny Built

Songs: The House that Johnny Built

...and so forth. Your idea is ridiculous, Mr. Schwertner, and it will surely never come to pass, but I like it and I give you this artist's rendering as a reward for your ingenuity:

It's just right.