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Iran players told they can't swap jerseys at the World Cup

It's the World Cup. Let them swap a damn jersey.

Francois Nel

Iran players won't be able to swap jerseys with opposing players after World Cup matches this summer. Players have been told that they won't get new shirts for every match so they need to keep theirs.

"We are not giving the players a shirt for every game, the players have to be economical with the shirts," Iranian football federation FFI president Ali Kafaschian told Fars news agency.

Money's tight. The economy isn't great. Iran is a tough place. We get it.

But there is a problem: Iran will be paid a minimum of $8 million to play in the World Cup.

So you're saying that you are getting $8 million, but can't spare a couple dozen $50 jerseys for players to swap after matches, keeping a long tradition alive and giving players priceless mementos?

Something here doesn't pass the smell test. Or the math test. This doesn't pass the smell or math test.