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Watch the cricket catch that's two web gems in one

You don't need to appreciate or understand cricket to get why this is so good.

The name Kieron Pollard doesn't mean much in these parts, but if you're in a country that plays cricket then he's known all too well. Pollard has made a name for himself taking astounding catches and the all-rounder didn't disappoint in the Indian Premier League match between the Rajasthan Royals and Mumbai Indians.

Catching the ball at the boundary with full extension is impressive enough, but scratch the surface and you start to get why this was so special. If Pollard falls over the row of advertising it's not a catch, in fact the shot would have accounted for six runs, cricket's equivalent of a home run. The only way to prevent that was to catch the ball, stay in bounds, throw it back in and then dive again. It's basically two web gems in one, that's why it's great.