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Austin Peay's football stadium has a 40-foot sinkhole in its end zone

It's the simple story of a small hole that became a VERY big one.

Something fearsome lurked under the corner of Austin Peay's end zone, and there was no telling what it could be... until now.

A 40-foot sinkhole opened when construction crews began work on what was believed to be a much smaller hole, according to The Leaf Chronicle. Initially three feet wide, it was excavated and found to be its current size. Now it's a matter of back-filling and preparing the playing surface for the fall.

Could it be Godzilla? No, no it couldn't -- but that's a heck of a lot better than calling it a "Peay hole," now isn't it?

Athletic director Derek van der Merwe took the opportunity to point out that his school remains superior to rival Murray State.

Well played.