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Your guide to Japan's exotic McDonald's World Cup menu

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@Jordan327 spotted the new 14-item menu McDonald's is introducing in Japan for the World Cup. We want to eat it.

Japan's McDonald's World Cup Menu, RANKED.

(1) Spanish omelet muffin (breakfast only)

(2) Limited edition McFlurry flavors! Belgian chocolate and French crème brulle.

(3) Chicken McNuggets with Italian basil cheese and German curry sauce

(4) Brazilian barbeque beef burger

(5) Deep-fried Italian risotto balls

(6) Japanese mincemeat beef burger

(7) French chicken cordon bleu burger.

(8) Carbonated drink deserts: Makku Fizz/Floats

(9) German pork schnitzel burger

(Source: McDonald's Japan | via RocketNews24)