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Mexico players banned from having sex during World Cup

There's a strong "no fun" rule for Mexico at the World Cup.

Hannah Johnston

Mexico players won't be allowed to have sex during the World Cup. Miguel Herrera has decided that they are going to go dry during the tournament in the name of professionalism. Or discipline. Or something.

"If a player cannot endure 20 days or a month without sex, he is not ready to be a professional," Herrera said.

That would explain why so few people make it to be a professional athlete.

In addition to Herrera's ban on sex, he has also told players that they cannot drink alcohol during the tournament. That's Fun 2, Mexico 0.

"Let's play a World Cup, we're not going to party," Herrera added.

Herrera's ban comes on the heels of Luis Felipe Scolari telling Brazil players that they can have "normal sex," but not acrobatic sex. Mexico and Brazil will play in a Group A match on June 17 in Fortaleza, which figures to be the angriest match in the tournament.