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The Los Angeles Kings have started a pizza war

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Shots fired!

The Los Angeles Kings' twitter account is a place of wonder and wonderful banter -- but now they've started some pizza beef with Chicago and there's no telling how deep (dish) we'll go down the rabbit hole.

Pizza talk normally generates one of three types of people:

Type A, "The purist": Has their favorite type of pizza and decries all others. The epitome of the purist takes it step further by poo-pooing any pizza that isn't from their favorite place "All pizza sucks except that place near 110th and Broadway."

Type B, "The all pizza is good pizza": This person believes that pizza itself is beautiful, warts and all. It could come from a rest stop in Biloxi or a cafeteria in Boise -- it's all good.

Type C, "Give it to me now!": The third pizzaist cares not about labels, they like the ingredients. You can deconstruct it, put it in a pizza roll or make a pizza burger and they'll gobble it down. The easiest to please, but also slightly worrisome.

Way to be a purist, Los Angeles. The pizza wars have begun.