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Tigers infielder Danny Worth flashes a nasty knuckleball

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Wasn't expecting that.

Danny Worth is a utility infielder. He might be the very utility infielderiest of utility infielders. He plays all over the infield, can't hit, and seems pleasant enough. Those are all qualifications for a pure utility infielder.

He moonlights as a knuckleball viking, though.


Wooo. One inning, one hit allowed, two strikeouts. Lyle Overbay pitched recently, too, so it's time to update the list of the last position players to pitch for each franchise:

Tigers: Danny Worth, 2014 (box score)
Red Sox: Mike Carp, 2014 (box score)
White Sox: Leury Garcia, 2014 (box score)
Cardinals: Daniel Descalso, 2014 (box score)
Brewers: Lyle Overbay, 2014 (box score)

Rangers: Mitch Moreland, 2014 (box score)
Blue Jays: Steven Tolleson, 2014 (box score)
Dodgers: Drew Butera, 2014 (box score)
Yankees: Dean Anna, 2014 (box score)
Mets: Anthony Recker, 2013 (box score)

Phillies: John McDonald, 2013 (box score)
Pirates: Josh Harrison, 2013 (box score)
Indians: Ryan Raburn, 2013 (box score)
Twins: Jamey Carroll, 2013 (box score)
Rays: Sam Fuld, 2013 (box score)

Astros: Jake Elmore, 2013 (box score)
Orioles: Chris Davis, 2012 (box score)
Royals: Mitch Maier, 2012 (box score)
Cubs: Joe Mather, 2012 (box score)
Marlins: Bryan Peterson, 2011 (box score)

Reds: Paul Janish, 2009 (box score)
Diamondbacks: Josh Wilson, 2009 (box score)
Padres: Josh Wilson, 2009 (box score)
Mariners: Jamie Burke, 2008 (box score)
Rockies: Todd Zeile, 2002 (box score)

Athletics: Frank Menenchino, 2000 (box score)
Angels: Chili Davis, 1993 (box score)
Giants: Greg Litton, 1991 (box score)
Nationals/Expos: Dave Martinez, 1990 (box score)
Braves: John Russell, 1989 (box score)

Good work, Tigers. Good work, Danny Worth.