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You can rent Ronaldinho's mansion for $15,000 a night during the World Cup

Spend the World Cup in Ronaldinho's home. Without Ronaldinho. And for a lot of money.

Going to the World Cup is cool.

Going to the World Cup and staying in Ronaldinho's mansion is way cooler.

Now you can go to the world's biggest sporting event and stay in the house of a legend, making all of your awesome (and very specific) dreams come true. And it will only cost you $15,000 a night!

Ronaldinho is putting his Rio de Janeiro house up to be rented during the World Cup, which is awesome if you have a lot of extra money to throw around and like looking at artwork of the former FIFA World Player of the Year and 2002 World Cup winner. The mansion is dotted with paintings of Ronaldino, his trophies and you can say you slept in the same bed as the best player of his generation.

The five bedroom, six bathroom home has a pool, sauna, home theater, massage room, jungle gym and is a short drive from the beach. There are also hammocks in rooms and TV's in the bathroom so you can watch matches from the shower or toilet. It really is living like a king. Or Ronaldinho.

And all you need is $15,000 each night. Who wants to get a Kickstarter going?