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T.I. seems a-okay after fight with Floyd Mayweather

Post-fight information from T.I. vs. Mayweather leads us to believe that all is well with the rapper.

A confrontation at a Las Vegas Fatburger location between rapper T.I. and Floyd Mayweather left us with plenty of questions.

"Why did they start fighting a Fatburger?"

"Who thinks it's a good idea to try and fight a professional boxer? "

"How messed up is T.I.? 

We don't now the answer to those first two questions, but the third one appears to be "Not badly at all." The rapper took to his Insagram account to let people know he didn't suffer two black eyes in the brawl and only injured his hand, which is seen wrapped in gauze.

Okay so maybe T.I. made it out unscathed, but we still don't recommend picking a fight with Mayweather.