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Pictures of 50 Cent's first pitch somehow make it even better

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The GIF allows us to witness 50 Cent's first pitch. The images allow us to break down the horrors second by second.

The Star-Ledger-USA TODAY Sports

By now you've surely seen 50 Cent's terrible first pitch:


It is horrendous. It is obviously horrendous just from watching it. We cannot overstate the horrendousness.

However, we somehow think it is even more amazing thanks to the pictures taken of the event, which capture the terrible throw moment-by-moment.


Jim McIsaac, Getty

The caption for this picture is "Rap artist 50 Cent looks on before throwing the ceremonial first pitch of a game." This is how 50 Cent looks on.


Jim McIsaac, Getty

okay we're off to a bad start here


The Star-Ledger, USA Today Sports

Enjoy actual pitcher Jon Niese looking on in fear and disgust. Looks like he's throwing a palmball, which is neat.


Brad Penner, USA Today Sports

Maybe Fifty is just a submariner? To be honest, as a lefty, he could have a future pitching from that angle as a situational one-out guy. Although whatever is going on with his left foot is a real problem.


The Star-Ledger, USA Today Sports

This is where it's obvious things have gone horribly wrong. LOOK AT THE BALL. It was supposed to go straight. Instead it is causing a partial eclipse of 50 Cent's head as it heads towards the cameraman.


Jim McIsaac, Getty Images