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The 'country' World Cup song is embarrassing, stars Alexi Lalas

Your song is bad and you should feel bad.

Shakira. Pitbull. The Nike All-Balls Band. Seems like everyone is falling all over themselves to make a World Cup song. Now we've got unfunny "bands" and Alexi Lalas teaming up to give us a parody #MERICA song that is as insipid as it is insulting.

You're trying to be cute. We get it. We've had irony for like 40 years now. Here's an exhaustive list of people who can make funny parody songs:

- "Weird Al" Yankovic

That's it. Full stop. You may notice that he's an actual musician. You dudes are caterwauling off-key and can't even do a convincing impression of awful nu-country. I'm sure "it would be funny if there was a country World Cup song and video, because country fans and soccer fans don't overlap" was great on paper, but it's not even great on paper. It's stupid. 0/10 concept, -10000/10 execution. You're a bunch of big, stupid idiots and I hate you.

The official stance of SB Nation is that, now and forever, there is only one World Cup song: