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Cristiano Ronaldo does his best Zlatan impression with absurd goal

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Ronaldo thinks he's Zlatan.

Cristiano Ronaldo was not facing the goal, the ball was waist high and he was basically screwed. Except he's a spider and a magician and every other doer of incredible things in the world put into one.

That ball is not supposed to be hit into the net. It's an awkward cross that is not supposed to be hit into the net. It comes in behind him and it is not supposed to be hit in the net.


And here's the thing: how insane does he have to be to even try to hit it in the net? Before you even get to the fact that he did it, who told him he should try that? What mentally unstable person instilled in him the belief that he should try that because nobody should.

Well, apparently he should. And Zlatan should. But nobody else because everyone else is human.