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Joe Girardi rampages over called strike

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A good ol' manager scream attack!

Instant replay may or may not have robbed us of manager arguments, but it's rare these days to see a good, old-fashioned, Lou Piniella-style explosion. Joe Girardi gave us one when umpire Laz Diaz called a verrrrry low strike on Brett Gardner. There was a bit of a pause while everyone looked around wondering if the clear mistake could be reviewed. Once that possibility was dismissed, Girardi decided it was time to get ejected. There was hat throwing:

And there was near-face-touching:

They didn't end up kissing no matter how much I yelled at my TV. Oh, and Gardner promptly struck out, followed by the Yankees hitting into a double-play. At least we got a new dance craze out of it:


Don't sleep on the catcher bouncin' in the background. That's a dance, too.