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Kelly Johnson tags Erick Aybar in the beans, hangs out there for a bit

Oh. Oh, dear.

Kelly Johnson really wants the umpire to see this tag.

Johnson on johnson crime. If you're wondering how Aybar felt about this, note that he's comfortable with his body.

Suddenly (Alberto) Callaspo took one of the hot dogs out of its bun and deep-throated it. Then he took the bun and put it around Aybar’s flaccid penis and poured ketchup on it. Jaws dropped–Aybar was a willing participant. Then Callaspo bent over and pretended to eat the Dominican penis hot dog. When he did that, we all screamed "Noooo!"

You know, I'm not sure if I can find one anecdote about Ted Williams's bobby-dangler, but here Erick Aybar is with two. He's kind of an all-time great in that respect.