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Roy Hibbert continues to make NBA playoffs history

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Never before has a 7-foot All-Star been this awful in the playoffs.

Roy Hibbert keeps on making history as the Pacers struggle through the NBA playoffs. Let's cite some facts.

Among All-Star 7-footers who made the playoffs, Roy Hibbert has the

  • lowest minutes per game (21.4, beating 41-year-old Kareem)
  • lowest points per game (5.7, beating 2013 Tyson Chandler)
  • lowest rebounds per game (3.3, beating 41-year-old Kareem)
  • second lowest field goal percentage (.356, just better than 2001 Vlade Divac)
  • lowest PER (2.8, much worse than 1989 Kevin Duckworth)

Even once you adjust for minutes, it's pretty bleak for Roy.


Things are going to change now, though.

Good luck, Roybert.