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Steve Francis is doing fine, pouring champagne on himself

How inspired is Steve Francis by Beyonce's "Drunk In Love?" Enough to waste some champagne, for starters.

Steve Francis, for all we know, is doing great and enjoying his retirement from the NBA. He's comparatively young, apparently happily married, and earned more than $100 million over the course of his basketball career. The only reason to suspect that he isn't are some haggard recent photographs. That is a thin reed to something that's not really our business anyway, except that the 37-year-old three-time NBA All-Star looks like Ben Kingsley in Gandhi or the Sean John version of Yoda, depending on your taste in metaphors.

Anyway, in the video above, Steve Francis is in a club pouring champagne over his head while Beyonce's "Drunk In Love" plays. He does not really seem to be enjoying it, although again it's hard to tell. Mostly, he does so without anyone remarking on it, either to praise him for doing such a good job pouring champagne on himself or to chastise him for wasting all that perfectly good champagne. Again, we have no idea how Steve Francis is doing.

But despite all that, let's maybe say a little prayer for Steve Francis. Or, failing that, remember him in happier times, like his 2012 self-reinvention as the wholesome, ex-NBA version of Ja-Rule: