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Here is a sea lion that can play soccer (with Lukas Podolski!)

Quite frankly, this sea lion seems better at controlling the ball with his head than Lukas Podolski.

Earlier today, we found out that Lukas Podolski actually can't hit a barn door, proving fan tweets accurate. Now, we find that he is about as good with his head as a sea lion (via r/soccer)

This sea lion is skilled, y'all! While Podolski is merely capable of redirecting the ball back to the sea lion, the sea lion is capable of catching the ball, carefully balancing it on its snout, holding it in the air for several seconds, and then giving it back to Poldi.

If placed in front of goal, this pinniped could be absolutely deadly, provided his teammates took time to keep him wet throughout the match so he doesn't dry out and die. Podolski tried to woo the seal as a potential transfer target for Arsenal:

"That's the new transfer target. Currently he's a big star in Cologne but we'll see whether we can make him a Gunner." Good luck with that, Lukas.