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Michigan QB Shane Morris provides another self-throw/catch Vine

The hot new trend on the internet is throwing a pass, running, and catching it. Well, the hot new trend for extremely fast football players with good arms.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

A few days ago a high school football recruit from Texas posted a video of himself throwing and catching a pass on Vine, and it went viral. But the question arose: did he do it for real, or was there video editing in play?

Michigan sophomore QB Shane Morris wants to make it very clear that there is no video editing in play:


While the impressive feat for Gary Haynes, the WR from Texas, is the sheer length he runs to make the catch, the impressive feat for the QB Morris is how danged high he throws it. Like, really high. He doesn't even run particularly far -- maybe 20 yards, before having to backtrack so he can get under the ball. It certainly doesn't look as impressive as the Texas one, but, hey, we couldn't do that.