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3 perfect Browns fans spotted at NFL Draft

Looking good, feeling... well, anyway, looking pretty good.

New York City remains something like the nation's capital of street style. Never is this more true than during the days before the NFL Draft. Yes, Fashion Week brings out the big spenders and people wearing multiple $1700 scarves and Kanye's collection of PVC capes. But for the boldest looks and brightest concentration of officially licensed nylon apparel that the city has to offer, you'd do well to spend some time in midtown on Draft Day.

For instance, I saw a man in a Kordell Stewart Steelers jersey eating a hot dog in the rain earlier. And Twitter user @hartmatt9, who is even luckier, saw this trio of trendsetting Browns fans quietly changing the game forever.

If fashion is indeed "wearable art," then this is its "Guernica." Stay fly, everyone.