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Trail Blazers forward Thomas Robinson finds snake in locker before Game 2

Nothing gets your juices going before a playoff game like having to suck the venom out of your teammate's leg.

Blazers guard Mo Williams posted this photo to his Instagram on Thursday, showing the capture of a rattlesnake that was found in forward Thomas Robinson's locker before Game 2 with the San Antonio Spurs.

The joking assumption is that Danny Green, Spurs guard and guy who is way too into snakes, placed it there as some kind of deterrent for their semifinal opponents.

Next time, I hope they find spare ribs. Or Matthew McConaughey. Now I see how R.C. Buford won executive of the year.

Edit: The Spurs have said that the snake found in the Blazers locker room was not a rattlesnake. Whew. That's a load off my mind.