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Chile's beer commercials feature World Cup players re-enacting horror movies

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World Cup plus beer plus horror movies equals gold.

I've never had Cervesa Cristal, but their World Cup commercial makes me want to. Or makes me want to hide in the corner and cry. One or the other.

The commercial features Chile's World Cup players re-enacting horror movies and terrorizing opposing countries. First, Arturo Vidal plays the girl from the Ring, scaring Japan, then Claudio Bravo is both twins from The Shining, frighting Cameroon. There is also The Sixth Sense haunting England.

On top of the extended video, there are shorter videos for each of the teams Chile will play in Group B, like the Netherlands.


And Australia.

Unfortunately for Chile, because they are grouped with Spain and the Netherlands, this could be the highlight of their World Cup.

H/T Dirty Tackle