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Cristiano Ronaldo already has a better Jets career than Mark Sanchez

Ronaldo picked up the pigskin and fit the part perfectly.

The Portuguese soccer team stopped by Jets practice to try a little futebol Americano, which ... I dunno, we're close enough to the World Cup that it seems unpatriotic to quarter another nation's team, but ANYWAY: Portugal in New York means Cristiano Ronaldo in New York, which means Cristiano Ronaldo playing football, which means Cristiano Ronaldo looking about as adept as any Jets quarterback in recent history. Think of Mark Sanchez while you look at these photos:

There's no way that's a tight spiral, but he's also not fumbling the ball off a butt, so ADVANTAGE RONALDO.

Look at how calculated the helmet placement is. He's lining it up perfectly so as not to muss the coif, just like the Sanchize would. PUSH.

Yeah, I don't think Sanchez could ever have touched the goalpost with his head. ADVANTAGE RONALDO.

I have concluded from this scientific analysis that Cristiano Ronaldo's Jet career was superior to Mark Sanchez's.