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Cardinals giving away horrific Jon Hamm bobbleheads

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You will have to buy a special event ticket for your Medicated Don Draper bobblehead.

Jon Hamm is one of the few things everyone in America agrees on. Unfortunately, he's also a Cardinals fan, which might invalidate that first sentence, and the team decided to give away a Jon Hamm bobblehead as a part of a special-event package.

What is that strange upward curl of his mouth? Is he ... is he smiling? That's not Jon Hamm. No, no, no. Not the Jon Hamm most of America knows or needs. He needs to look surly, possibly drunk, and incredulous, looking at you like you're stupid beyond words, like he caught you trying to start your car with a breadstick.

He shouldn't be smiling.


Better, but I'm no designer. Back to the drawing board, Cardinals. Don't come back until you've captured the right amount of drunk churlishness.