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An adorable corgi predicts the World Cup

Let's not kid ourselves. This dog's soccer predictions will be more accurate than yours or mine.

EDSBS contributor ActionCookbook may know next to nothing about soccer, but his beyond cute corgi, Holly, has it all figured out.

If you're still not sure about who to pick in these next few weeks' group play action, she's got you covered:

Group A

Holly's on board with the two participants in our opener, Brazil and Croatia.

Group B

Defending world champs Spain and the always venerable Netherlands are as solid of picks as any.

Group C

Even Holly knows how boring it is to watch Greece operate with surgical precision.

Group D

Upsets galore! Our resident soccer guru's evidently no fan of Europe.

Group E

France may be a trendy pick for some, but not for corgis.

Group F

Bosnia and Herzegovina is our favorite so far.

Group G

Say it ain't so, Holly!

Group H

These picks don't make any sense, you say? Well they were picked by a dog, who is adorable. So there.

#FF @actioncookbook (and Holly) if you know what's good for you.