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FIFA cut off the Brazilian anthem, so their fans finished it

Brazil 1, FIFA 0.

Brazil had waited for this moment for years. They spent billions building stadiums and rode out protests, but finally, the World Cup was here. And when the Selecao walked out onto the field, lined up and the national anthem started, they belted it at the top of their lungs.

It was a chill-inducing moment.

The problem is that FIFA only allows for 90 seconds of national anthems. That means cutting out verses or just stopping the song so Brazil had to use an abridged version. Only that wasn't a problem for Brazil.

The national anthem stopped and the entire crowd, as well as the players, just kept singing. They sang the entire song, even if the speakers went quiet. It was amazing, and if you also consider it a middle finger to FIFA, it gets even better.

This wasn't the first time Brazil's fans did this -- they sang the entire song at last year's Confederations Cup -- but this is the World Cup, and the opener at that, so it is inherently cooler and wow.