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Why to watch Univision during the World Cup: This chicken picking Mexico over Cameroon

SB Nation does not have the rights to broadcast international sporting events -- yet -- but if we did, it'd look a lot like Univision.

It's rare in 2014, but we as American soccer fans have two choices for watching the World Cup: we could watch the English version on ESPN/ESPN2/ABC... ore we could watch the Spanish broadcast on Univision.

Personally, my rule of thumb is this: if Ian Darke is calling, watch ESPN. If he isn't, WATCH UNIVISION, BECAUSE IT'S THE BEST, EVEN IF YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND SPANISH (I do, a bit, on account of being half-Cuban)

Simply put, they give the event the passion and joy it deserves, whereas American TV is staid and serious. If you don't believe us:

You see, this psychic chicken picked Mexico over Cameroon

The owners were excited:

Mgrplxg_medium Unfortunately, SB Nation does not have the ability to broadcast international sporting events, yet. But if we did, it would absolutely look exactly like Univision. Except in English.

Also notable: