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Do not get drunk and drive a golf cart into a cop

Let this be a learning opportunity for everyone.

The U.S. Open has been fairly devoid of drama thus far. One dude with a belly full of liquor and the keys to a golf cart changed that. The man was tasked with transporting NBC reporter Roger Maltbie, but met a little trouble along the way. From GolfWeek:

The officer was upset because, according to him, the driver ran over his foot when leaving the tee area.

Valid reason to be upset, I'd say.

The cop then chased the cart on a sandy surface just outside the gallery ropes while yelling, "Stop! Stop!" and "Come back here."

The officer finally caught up, climbed onto the back of the cart and put his arms around the driver's neck and shoulders from behind. As Maltbie came over to try to help his friend and colleague, whose name he wouldn't divulge, the patrolman handcuffed the man from behind and arrested him.

And the kicker:

"This is a new one," Maltbie said while walking down the 11th fairway at Pinehurst No. 2. "I've been to a couple of rodeos and a county fair, and I've never had this happen."

Roger Maltbie has seen some shit, y'all.

The driver was charged and jailed. Let him serve as a lesson for us all:

1. Do not drive drunk, not even a golf cart.

2. If you must drive a golf cart drunk, maybe don't do it when you are ferrying a VIP, and maybe especially don't drive it into a police officer.

This has been a PSA.

(via Eye on Golf)