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Bosnian fans are going big for their first World Cup

You wont find more excited World Cup fans than in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Ronald Martinez

For most of World Cup history, Bosnia and Herzegovina competed as part of Yugoslavia. For the decades following-- including years of genocide and war-- they did not qualify. This World Cup is the independent nation's first time qualifying, and the populace could not be more thrilled. Check out the scene in Brcko, a northern city on the Croatian border:

And in Sarajevo:

And in the once-war-torn city of Mostar, the regular bridge jumps (guys hang out on Stari Most all day teasing tourists to give them money until they finally dive into the Neretva. It's a long way down and a cold landing.) have been dedicated to the Dragons:

Argentina are wonderful, but it's gonna be hard not to root for the Dragons today.