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Travel agent accidentally sends World Cup fans to the wrong country

This is truly a Tale of Two Cities

Ian Walton

The realization you've gone to the wrong place sucks. It's not just the time wasted, but the inconvenience. Two Australian newlyweds came face-to-face with a scenario a thousand times worse that realizing your large thin-crust pizza is waiting for you at a Domino's across town.

Orin and Melissa van Lingen thought they were heading to Salvador, Brazil to watch the Netherlands take on Spain. When they got off the plane they realized a SNAFU by their travel agent actually sent them to SAN Salvador, capital of El Salvador, a city with an extensive gang problem and high murder rate.

Here's a quick breakdown on the key differences between the two cities.

City Salvador, Brazil San Salvador, El Salvador
Population 2.6 million 567,000
Nickame Capital of Happiness None
Events 2014 World Cup Applied to host 2015 beach World Cup
Claim to fame Third best beach in the world 90+ murders per 100,000 residents

Thankfully the couple are in one piece and on their way to the proper Salvador. We hope they enjoyed their stay in San Salvador.