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Deaf, blind Brazil fan 'watches' World Cup opener thanks to friends

Sports aren't just for those of us who can see and hear.

We are grateful for so many things, but sometimes we forget to be grateful for the most basic: the ability to see things, including sports, and the ability to hear things, including sports.

This is the story of a deaf, blind Brazilian in a soccer-mad country who can neither see nor hear the opener of the World Cup, the game everybody in his country has waited years for, and how his friends helped him enjoy it along with them. (The experience starts around the four-minute mark.)

Between signing on his back, a custom-built field and a vuvuzela (to blow on his back when goals were scored), Carlos' friends allowed him to enjoy Brazil's 3-1 win over Croatia. Awesome work by the people who made this happen to help someone experience something odds would dictate he could never experience.