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Clint Dempsey is releasing a rap album, continues being awesome

Deuce is releasing a rap album and we couldn't be more excited.

Clint Dempsey taught us to dream when he scored his quick-fire goal against Ghana on Monday, now he's got another lesson for us -- a lyrical one.

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Deuce spent time before the World Cup recording a 13-track album called "The Redux" which is scheduled to release a few weeks following the tournament in Brazil.


We don't even need to wait to hear a snippet, with the WSJ providing the first single entitled "It's Poppin'." The track is beautiful and pretty much exactly what you want to hear from Dempsey.

I'm straight off that plane

Studios I bang

G's like I'm kicking that ball out on that green

I never claimed to be gangsta

You can bet that I'm real

When half of these gangsta's real is a three-dollar bill



Who knows if this rap career will take off, but at the very least Deuce will set a new high-water mark for soccer players becoming rappers. It's already infinitely better than Ronaldinho's track.