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A drug lord got arrested for trying to travel to the World Cup

"I would have seen the game too if it wasn't for the meddling FIFA"

Drawlio Joca

Submarines, drug mules, private planes -- these are the ways drug cartels from Mexico have been bringing illegal narcotics into the country. It's stunning to see the lengths traffickers will go to, but the World Cup proved to be too enticing to one drug lord, who was arrested trying to catch his favorite game.

Jose Diaz-Barajas had a simple dream. He wanted to travel to Brazil to see Mexico face the host nation, but unfortunately he chose to use his real name when purchasing tickets. This ended up being a critical error. Here are the details of his attest, reported by Bloomberg.

Jose Diaz-Barajas, 49, was arrested at Rio de Janeiro's Tom Jobim airport last night as he boarded a plane to Fortaleza, where Mexico plays Brazil today, Luiz Cravo Dorea, head of international cooperation at the Federal Police, said. The world soccer governing body, FIFA, had informed police that Diaz-Barajas, who was accompanied by his wife and two children, held tickets, Dorea said. FIFA spokeswoman Delia Fischer declined to comment when asked by e-mail about its cooperation with the police.

The World Cup: A sporting event so grand that even a drug lord is willing to lose his freedom for it.