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Here's Robin Van Persie's 93-year-old grandpa's imitating RVP's awesome header

This isn't just a prone older gentleman -- it's Robin Van Persie's grandpa doing his impression of his grandson's fantastic score.

Robin Van Persie had a preposterous header against Spain:

Here is his 93-year-old grandpa, Wim, imitating:

For a while, we were concerned -- is this really RVP's grandpa and not just some older gentleman prone on the ground? However, we shouldn't have worried: the picture comes from Omroep Brabant, a Dutch paper that has caught up with the 93-year-old, Wim Ras, on multiple occasions. This time, it was an article about the team's beatdown of Spain, but in the past they've asked him about RVP donning a "HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRANDPA WIM" shirt and more. had a translation:

"A belly landing is not always fun, huh? I used to do gymnastics and I know what it is like, but in gymnastic those moves are planned and intended," he said.

"Robin only needed a fraction of a second to make the jump.

"To get such an exquisite delivery in such a situation and then to score, that is a hell of an achievement.

Keep doing you, surprisingly agile grandpa. The Dutch are through to the next round, so perhaps we'll see more Grandpa Celebrations.