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Chile went nuts over the team's win over Spain

How many Chileans gathered in downtown Santiago to celebrate a win over the defending World Cup champs? Oh, just about all of 'em.

Most of the world's response to Chile knocking Spain out of the World Cup was either "LOL Spain" or "WHAT HAPPENED TO SPAIN?!?!?!?!" (Our soccer team tried to answer that question.)

Chile's reaction to Spain, on the other hand, was an understandable "YOOOOOO WE JUST BEAT THE DEFENDING WORLD CUP CHAMPIONS!!!!!!!1!." And these pictures of downtown Santiago -- as rounded up by Mashable and Deadspin -- show that sentiment being expressed pretty damn well:

And what exactly where they doing down there? Just enjoying life, being Chilean, and waving A TRILLION FLAGS:

They do seem to be acting particularly orderly and staying off the grass, which isn't like the Chileans down in Rio de Janeiro today.