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Minor league hockey executives buried alive to sell season tickets

Minor league sports remain the minor league-iest.

The Arizona Sundogs are carving themselves a niche as the minor league folks most willing to die for continued existence of the franchise. Last year, the owner of the Coyotes' CHL affiliate and three other employees sat under the blazing sun in a scissor lift for almost a week until fans reached a season ticket purchase goal. This year, they're going down, not up.

That is majority owner Brad Fain sitting in a dumpster in a hole in the ground, where he and the GM (and at least one cigar and Grumpy Cat) will remain until 300 season ticket packages are sold.

I dunno, could be worse. The World Cup is on, so there are sports during the day. Y'all have a TV in there, right? Or at least your phones or computers? Is there an extension cord to charge stuff? Oh, also maybe some food? And a toilet of some sort?

Anyway, 14 out of 300 down as of Wednesday night, so ... good luck. Hope this helps.

(via Deadspin)