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California Chrome, horse, signs human shoe deal

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Horses are people, too!

California Chrome will soon attempt to become the first Triple Crown winner in 36 years. Here is an SB Nation illustration of what that historic moment could look like.


In these modern times, brands will do anything to Win The Moment. Today's horse racing enthusiasts are probably more passionate than ever about products, and it is more critical to reach consumers on their interest platforms -- like the feet of fast horses.

And so California Chrome, a horse, has signed a sponsorship deal with Skechers, makers of shoes for humans. He will not actually wear Skechers shoes. The image above is just Getty Images mixed with our imagination and a little Photoshop.

Darren Rovell spoke to Robert Greenberg, the chief executive for Skechers.

"We're a marketing company that just happens to be in the footwear business. We're spending a couple bucks to the roll the dice and if this horse wins it all, we'll be part of it."

Indeed. The Skechers logo will appear blanket, and all over its handlers should California Chrome make it to the Belmont Stakes winner's circle. The horse — being a horse — will not directly receive any of the profits.