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Harry Caray's bar streak is the most unbreakable record in baseball

The story of one man's courageous journey to expense alcohol.

Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

Neil Steinberg at Every Goddamn Day recently came across legendary announcer Harry Caray's expense diary from 1972. As it turns out, Caray MIGHT have enjoyed drinking. The diary starts off strong:

Saturday, Jan. 1, lists four bars: the Back Room, still on Rush Street, plus three long-ago joints: 20 E. Delaware, Sully's and Peppy's, with expenses for each $10.30, $9.97, $10, and $8.95. This in a year when a six-pack of Old Style set you back $1.29.

And then the hits just keep on coming.

Jan. 16 something unusual happens. Caray is in Miami, yet there are no expenses, just one enigmatic word, "Super."

After that break, if indeed it was, comes 288 consecutive days in bars, not only in Chicago, but New York City, and of course on the road with the Sox, beginning with spring training in Sarasota.

And the kicker:

After spending at least 354 of the previous 357 days in bars (DePorter counted 61 different tap houses) Caray writes, in a bold hand, "Vacation in Acapulco. Then "Vacation" every day until the year runs out.

The entire blog post is DEFINITELY worth your time, so head over to Neil's blog and check it out for yourself.