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Watch the most transcendent eephus pitch of the year

♪♪ What goes up/Must come down ♪♪

If you'll remember Yu Darvish's slow curveball from last week, there was some discussion about if it was actually an eephus pitch. That's not an eephus pitch.

That's an eephus pitch. It was thrown by Kazuhito Tadano, former major leaguer, and previous benefactor of the eephus arts:

Both were called balls, even though both sure looked like strikes. Maybe Tadano should stop throwing the eephus.

Or maybe the umpires should wake up, put a robe on, amble downstairs, wipe the gunk out of their eyes, and help themselves to a steaming pot of the goddamned truth.

Probably the latter.

Hat tip to Reddit. Full video here. The hitter was Mauro Gomez, FYI.