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Meet the Ghanaian World Cup star who gave cash to Brazil's poor

Sulley Muntari wanted to make sure he had the chance to give back during the World Cup.

It was easy to cheer against Ghana when the USMNT faced them in their first game of the 2014 World Cup, but we're 100 percent on the side of one of their stars, Sulley Muntari.

Muntari received special permission from Ghana's manager to make a trip to the impoverished streets of Trapiche, a favela neighborhood in Maceio where he met with the locals and handed out considerable amounts of cash to the residents, roughly $150 per person.

Citizens were naturally surprised, some going so far as to say they will now support Ghana in the World Cup because no Brazilian players have visited the area.

"Not once has a soccer player come here. Brazil never gave me anything but Ghana did. I will support them up to the end."

The AC Milan star inked a $2.2 million deal last year and it's clear he's willing to share the wealth.

h/t Global News