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Americans keep bringing college flags to World Cup games

This is how the USA watches soccer, apparently.

The world has every right to tease Americans for being kinda dorky in our soccer enthusiasm, but all you need to do to establish a tradition is do something different and persist with it. Eventually it will stick. So, uh, I guess bringing college flags -- football school flags in particular -- to World Cup games is gonna be one of our things?

Most recently, a Michigan flag was seen in the crowd at a 2018 World Cup match between Russia and Egypt in St. Petersburg:

In 2014, Auburn fans spotted their flag in the crowd at Mexico-Croatia on Monday:


Michigan established the trend:


Good Bull Hunting interviewed the ubiquitous Texas A&M fan:

And Wazzu made an appearance:


South Carolina needs to do a better job getting on TV:

And we've yet to see or hear any Rolling of Tide. We know you're there, Bama.