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A truck full of cash is meeting the Ghana soccer team in Brazil

Just millions of dollars riding down the street in Brazil. What could go wrong?

Earlier, Ghana's soccer players demanded payment reportedly exceeding $3 million-- in straight cash, homie-- after failing to get paid for their World Cup work thus far. They got their wish, and now, amazingly, millions of dollars in cash that came off a plane are cruising down the highway in Brazil:

Have you guys never seen The Italian Job? Or any of the Fast and Furious movies? You don't just drive a cash-filled truck around, even with a convoy, and you DEFINITELY don't let anyone get live footage of its status along the way. Like, if you're gonna be that risky, at least put the cash in bags with giant dollar signs on them inside an old-timey steam engine.

Best of luck, Ghana. Hope you get your bills.