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Marcell Dareus' drag race ended at a Mongolian Buffet

Race for answers: Inside the Marcell Dareus buffet crash of 2014

What drives a man to crash into a tree? "A car" is the obvious answer, but not what we're looking for here. Right now the biggest question in the world is how Marcell Dareus crashed his car into a tree on Friday and why it was found outside a Mongolian buffet in Hamburg, New York.

Far be it from us to cry conspiracy, but something isn't adding up here. Why would Dareus leave Buffalo? Nobody has ever had a reason to leave Buffalo. More importantly why would he meander his way to Hamburg to visit a buffet that's getting blasted on Urban Spoon?


The cynical will say he was foolishly driving and lost control, others will argue he was very hungry. We intend to get to the bottom of this mystery.

If Dareus was indeed trying to find his way to the buffet then which route did he take? We enlisted a crash recreation specialist to use their decades of knowledge to map out precisely what happened.Marcell_s_wild_ride_medium

Compelling, but we're not buying it. The truth is out there. We just need to find it. There has to be something we're overlooking here.